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  • Description
    Arokah is a one-of-a-kind multi-puzzle. The ultimate brain-teaser challenge.
    Journey through the six levels of ‘Arokah Mastery’ before taking on the ‘Master Challenges’ and earning your place as a ‘Master of Arokah’. Be aware, the fiendishly difficult ‘Master Challenges’ will test your resolve, patience and determination.
    The more you play the better you become. Can you master the Arokah?
    The unique set of Arokah shapes
    Twelve puzzle challenges - levels 1 to 6
    Three ‘Master Challenges’ - GLOX, XAVO and oKELo
    A double sided playing board
    A welcome guide and instructions.
  • Details
    Players: 2 to 10
    Year: 2018
    Product Title: Arokah
    Ages: 6 and up
    Publisher: Hexcel