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Dex Protection - Dex Carrying Case - Red

Dex Protection - Dex Carrying Case - Red

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  • Description

    The Dex Carrying case was made for gamers on the go. Use it how you will as it can hold an endless combination of deck boxes, play mats, dice, tokens, sleeved and unsleeved cards, as well as top loaders. With its heavy gauge zippers, ergonomic removable straps and dual reinforced carrying handle, its made to withstand the rigors of travel. As always its made with Dex Protection’s signature saffiano exterior and real velvet interior. It comes with a zippered dice pouch for ease of use during play. These are just a few ways to use the convenient storage solution: 550+ single sleeve cards 7 80+ ct deck boxes 4 100+ card and 1 80+ ct deck boxes 230+ toploaders 2 Playmats 36 12mm dice and 4 spindowns

  • Details
    Manufacturer: Dex Protection
    SKU: dcc004